Life Coach

Life is about hustling. We spend our lives in a constant rush towards what we call: success. Along the journey, we often come face to face with speed bumps, obstacles, failures and villains. Such experiences can be really disheartening and demotivating. They might make you lose perspective and insight. But, just when you wonder if you are down and defeated, you can always rise back to the top again.
You just need to ask yourself what is stopping your success. Is it a financial aspect or relationship issue? Is it anything to do with your personal or work environment or is it your unhealthy habits that are stopping you to reach your goals.
What is it? Can you specify it? Can you recognize it? Are you willing to work in the direction to change or control this aspect? You cannot change the future, but you can change your present habits, and surely, your habits can change your future. With the help of our insight life coaching services, you can change your future. It’s not easy to follow to something, even if it’s a piece of good advice. Our life coaches of India understand that.
Therefore, we are not going to advise you or teach you. We make you think and re-design your habits to achieve what you want. The Life Focus Academy presents you this program called “Life Insight Coach”. This is not a random course or session, this completely different kind of program. This program is the kind that will guide your life. We will help you to answer the following questions:
The life coach of India is waiting for you. Our insight life coaching services are there for you and your future. Enroll today!


Career Coach

Brought to you by Life Focus Academy, the Career Coach is here to change your right career path.


 What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a stimulating and sure-shot path to give life and meaning to your career. The ultimate goal is to assist people in making well-informed decisions that are in alignment with their interests and passions. Because after all, a wise decision can set your career life towards an impressive growth trajectory.  

In short, Career coaching, like other coaching, is an encouragement of your progress path and finding the fulfilling goal in your life. 

Why do you need career coaches?

According to the latest survey by Wheebox, a talent assessment company for India Skills Report, closely 85% of candidates report that they are not equipped to make career decisions. Over 50% of candidates build career decisions for employment from colleges followed by 21% from different web portals and only 17% from their immediate and extended family members.

The job market is tough and competitive especially during COVID 19 that has elicited the highest unemployment ever in history. Designing your career in such uncertain times, is emotionally draining and quite challenging.

This accentuates a propelling need for career coaching. In these scenarios, a career coach can be your guardian and mentor for life opportunities.

Finding Job: Only jobless know the value of having a job! Coaches help them to grab the right job ensuring entry at the right time in the right field.

Career selection: After teenage, most students worry about the selection of the career. And many others face the fear of preferring the wrong career. As per the skills, knowledge, and talent, career coaches advise the best for the selection of the right career.

Building your profiles: Your social media handles are your face nowadays. Whether it is a resume or LinkedIn profile, coaches will assist you in presenting well and increase the chances of selection.

Shift in career: A major change or shift in career is not easy. It takes a lot of courage for major shifting. Proper guidance from career coaches builds up your confidence and works as your career partner during the entire journey.  




Role of a career coach in your life

A career chosen in alignment with your passion and interest would be a career worth living. Career coaches support the intellectual growth of students by providing programs & experiences that promote self-awareness and engagement.

Seeking the advice of a career coach is a one-time investment with lifelong golden benefits. Career coaching comforts you with a sense of purpose, career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration. Not only this, proper guidance and counseling help to avoid unnecessary stress and pressure that is created in the minds of individuals concerning varied career options.

How career Coaches will serve you?


Mind Heights

Brought to you by Life Focus Academy, the Mind Heights is here to change your life!

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” - Mohammed Ali.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve” - Napoleon Hill

What is the reality of the above quotes and what is our take away from that? One thing we can strongly say that we have a powerhouse within us. We sincerely believe in the inspiring words of Mohammed Ali and Napoleon Hill. It focuses on the fact that our mind is the most powerful gift we have ever possessed! Whatever the human mind can possibly think of, it can get. With such a perspective, the sky is the limit.
But now, what is that power and how do we tap into it for success? How to unleash this power within us? Mind Heights program helps you to understand the power of the mind in an empirical way. The Life Focus Academy brings you the program for your personal growth and development. It uses a set of tools and techniques to guide you in order to achieve this target.
Self-hypnosis, creative visualization, SMART goal setting and other mind programming techniques are our tools to name a few. We help our clients realize the importance of the power of the mind and how he/ she/ they can implement it in their daily life. Our life has made us adapt and practice a set of beliefs, these beliefs help us walk through life. However, all of us need to review our belief system from time to time in order to update it.
Mind Heights program helps you do that. It guides you on how to unlearn the faulty belief patterns and behaviors that are blocking your growth and re-learning new, productive beliefs and behaviors. Enroll with us and learn the scientific way to understand the thought processes of the human mind.


Memory Techniques & Enhancement Course

Brain swift

Life focus Academy brings you this utilitarian program called the Brain Swift. This program is specially sculpted for students between the age of thirteen to eighteen as well as for business personals, working professionals and other individuals. This program targets entirely developing the brain function and using its full potential to achieve the goals. We aim at increasing the capacity and grip of the individual’s memory functions.

For Students

Students are the future of modern India. As per the 2017 data, 76.7 million individuals are students in the Indian population. Does every student have the same knowledge? Is every individual using their brain efficiently? Or is everybody fully tapping into their memory power? Looking at the number of frustrated students around us, we can imagine that the answer to this question is a big fat ‘no’.
Education is not a burden, it is a GIFT! An individual needs to learn their brain power and memory power to fully cherish this gift. Life Focus Academy has specially designed programs only for students. This program is divided into categories, namely school students and college students.
This program helps you to identify your uniqueness and helps you stand out. This program assists you to change or modify your study and reading pattern for deeper learning. This program helps you to get your education with desired marks/grades. But what exactly do you learn from this program? Here’s what:

For Individuals

The lack of effective communication and presentation can lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, conflicts, the dissemination of misinformation and mistrust and overall defeated. This all happens due to the inability to retrieve the right data or information at the right time. This happens due to weak memory performance.

Brain Swift program assists you to increase your memory performance with the help of swift memory
management practices. Other than that, not reading enough books also leads to poor communication skills. Life
Focus Academy helps you read a number of books under the read faster training.

This program enables you to deliver the presentations and public speaking with a proficient level of memory performance. You can retrieve the necessary data or information from your brain at any time.

The following are the things included under this program:


Wonderful Women

A woman who sets her mind on something is unstoppable and unbeatable. An ounce of motivation in a woman can revolutionize her world. She can gain the spirit to do almost any kind of task, no matter however impossible it may seem. Although, being a strong independent woman in a patriarchal society can create some obstacles around the journey.
The women entrepreneurship development in India is a developing area because of the same reason. The journey is challenging, sure, but at the same time, it is achievable. Provided that you have the right guidance, you can achieve anything.
This program is especially designed exclusively for the great girls & the wonderful women out there to access the business skills training for women entrepreneurs. Life Focus Academy brings you this amazing course to identify, enhance and implement various skills for better personal and professional life. You can create a successful life with courage, self-esteem, self-acceptance and power. For anybody to form an identity at any place, they must learn how to openly put forward their opinions and thoughts.
Any hesitation in doing so can certainly cause issues with your professional stand as well as your interpersonal relationships. Now, how do I communicate openly? How do I get rid of my hesitations? Don’t worry! We got your covered. Life Focus Academy especially designed a course with the help of doctors, psychologists and various women in the society
‘Wonderful Women’ program brings a remarkable change in your thoughts and belief system in order to make you a successful woman in the society. We will help you answer the following questions:
For the women entrepreneurship development in India, we need to work hard. If you wish you take business skills training for women entrepreneurs, enroll here!


Personal Coach

For every Arjuna there is a Dronacharya. We understand the need of a personal mentor or coach in an individual’s life. They point you in the right direction, they correct you when you are wrong, they pat your back when you achieve something and they help you analyze the balance sheet of life; which is why Life Focus Academy brings you this one on one coaching package specially customized for each one of you.
This program is entirely designed as per on your requirements in the spectrum your personal goals, career goals, family goals, personality development and more such like. There is no fixed duration of this course since the duration depends upon the requirement of the individual as per the one on one coaching package.
In our team, we have the best business coaches in India that you will have as your mentors. Your professional and qualified mentors will conduct one to one coaching sessions and carefully help you to answer the following questions for a better perspective, insight and analysis:
After exploring the answers to these questions, the individual looks into the practicality aspect of it. The secret of success is hard work, discipline and the right mentorship. Without all these three aspects, it can be tricky to make a business work.
With the help of one to one coaching sessions, we ensure that our candidates will flourish. Join us to speak with the best business coaches of India. Not only businesses but also other life challenges can be managed with the help of this one to one coaching package. Enroll


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a psychology-based, self-help guide with a great practical advantage. You can modify your thoughts, language or habits the way you want them to be. It can play a massive role in an individual’s productivity. You can transform your life the way you wish it should be. This NLP course in India can be your best personal and professional investment.
Neuro-linguistic programming training consists of a variety of self-therapies which you can implement on yourself after you have achieved proficiency in the NLP properly. The amount of benefit you can get by controlling your thoughts and language is unimaginable. For an expert neuro-linguistic programmer, the sky is the limit.
This program guides you to find your way out of several mental disorders like fears and phobias, major depressive disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and many more. The candidate can also get rid of communication issues, panic and other personality-related factors. The candidate will learn about the following questions:
Our qualified and proficient mentors enable the candidate to manipulate the therapies learnt in the neuro-linguistic programming training to his or her benefit. NLP is a scientifically-derived art that can work wonders in an individual’s life.
By changing one’s thoughts, an individual can change his or her perspective to things; as a result of the changed perspective, the individual begins to gain control over their emotions. Ultimately, our thoughts and emotions influence our behavior.
This is exactly how this course guides you through your unstoppable success. Get your hands on this exclusive NLP course in India. Enroll today!